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If there’s one nut brands are desperate to crack, it’s how to connect with Snapchat-addicted millennials. Naritiv has an answer. The Los Angeles-based startup connects advertisers and brands with hundreds of Snapchat influencers and their coveted audiences. Whether it’s paying Snapchatters for product placement or building out ad campaigns with custom geofilters and within the app’s Discover tab, brands as big as Coca-Cola, Target, and L'Oréal have a variety of ways to reach the Snapchat generation—and a powerful analytics dashboard to help them understand it all.

By hinging its business entirely on the success of a single social platform, Naritiv is taking a bold gamble. Snapchat added 50 million new users in 2016, but that growth showed signs of slowing in the last quarter. For now, Naritiv’s strategy is paying off. But with competition heating up in the mobile social app space, its future depends on how the numbers play out over the next year or two. 

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staff: 14
headquarters: Venice, California
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