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mPedigree Network

mPedigree Network is a Ghana-based service that connects consumers to a product and manufacturer registry of the same name to help weed out counterfeit products in the African market. mPedigree Network sells special software to drugmakers that enables them to attach a label with a unique 12-digit code to products. Once the drug is purchased, customers can text the code to an mPedigree number and ensure that their drug is the real thing. mPedigree is aimed at combating a huge problem in developing nations: finding authentic products. One of the most negatively affected industries is the African drug industry, which sees millions of counterfeit drugs flood the market each year through Asian channels. Since launching in 2008, the mPedigree platform has started ensuring the authenticity of everything from farming supplies (fake seeds are also a major problem) to fabrics and cosmetics, not only assuring consumers that what they're buying is real but also protecting businesses operating in Africa. mPedigree now also has outposts in Lagos, Nigeria, and Bangalore.
2016: Africa
public or private: Private social enterprise
profitable: "In the millions of dollars globally." The company's authenticity labels have been placed on more than 500m drug packets as of September 2015. Clients include AstraZeneca, Roche, and Sanofi. Has offices in Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.