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Milk Stork

Kate Torgersen got the idea for Milk Stork standing in line at the airport with a bag full of breast milk in her carry-on bag. She decided there had to be a better solution for working moms who need to travel. Milk Stork, which Torgersen launched in 2015, makes sure that a breastfeeding mom has everything she needs to ship her milk back home when she lands at her destination. Mothers use their own pumps to express breast milk into shipping bags, and can send up to 34 oz. per day in a postage-paid, pre-addressed, pharmaceutical-grade shipping cooler. Companies are now adopting the service as a corporate benefit. IBM began offering Milk Stork as a perk in 2015. Boston Scientific, SAP, Pinterest, Home Depot, Zillow, and more than 100 others have followed suit, making it easier for moms to return to the workforce. Since Milk Stork’s launch, it has transported more than 1.3 million ounces of breast milk home to hungry babies, helping more than 13,000 traveling moms balance their commitment to breastfeeding and their jobs. The company has also helped normalize breastfeeding in the workplace and helped companies come up with new ways to support working moms.

2019: Travel
headquarters: Palo Alto, California