Most Innovative Companies

Midroll Media

Midroll Media is a full-service digital media company centered on podcasts. Midroll produces, distributes, and monetizes the burgeoning audio platform and is the parent company of comedy and pop culture podcast channels Earwolf and Wolfpop. The company, acquired in 2015 by broadcasting giant E.W. Scripps, has built an undisputed media empire, wooing A-list podcasters like Marc Maron, Bill Simmons, and Chris Hardwick. They're single-handedly diversifying those Squarespace and Nature Box ads you hear during your favorite shows, adding big-brand advertisers like Chipotle, Heineken, and Prudential. In 2015, Midroll launched Howl--a Netflix for podcasts. The $4.99-a-month subscription service features a library of audio content, including exclusive premieres and archived, commercial-free episodes.
public or private: Part of E.W. Scripps, which is public
headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Competition: Gimlet, NPR
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