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Mark43 wants to bring police departments into the 21st century. The New York-based company aims to overhaul the antiquated, paper-drowned processes typical of police departments across the country by giving law enforcement modern digital tools to streamline everything from crime scene analysis to evidence inventory management. Its software and mobile products enable police departments to collect and share data more efficiently, eliminating redundancies and human errors and lowering the amount of time it takes officers to fill out common filings such as arrest and incident reports. Founded in 2012 by Harvard engineers, the startup has worked with police departments in California, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., where Mark43 says it was able to reduce arrest and incident reporting times by 50% to 80%, freeing up more officers from time-consuming paperwork to focus on patrols and other non-rote tasks.

2014: Local
headquarters: New York, New York