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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Founded in 2012, Lyft is an on-demand transportation company.  In 2017, Lyft made major headway, carving out its future in a world of self-driving cars. It signed partnerships with Waymo, General Motors, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover,, Aptiv; launched it’s own self-driving efforts; and took a $1 billion investment led by CapitalG. The company also kicked off several self-driving pilots this year, in Boston with nuTonomy, in Las Vegas with Aptiv, and in the Bay Area with In addition to solidifying its position in the self-driving car race, the company also emerged as a sort of anti-Uber choice for riders concerned with controversies surrounding Uber. When people castigated Uber for perceived strike-breaking at Laguardia Airport in January during a protest of President Trump’s travel ban, Lyft donated $1 million to the ACLU. Amid Uber’s other fumbles, including revelations around its discriminatory workplace culture, Lyft’s ridership has risen 10%, according to SecondMarket. The company now occupies one third of the U.S. ride-hailing market.

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