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Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee is a fast-growing coffee chain across China. Launched in 2018, it quickly established 2,000 outposts by the end of the year. The overwhelming majority of these locations are purely delivery or pickup nodes in Luckin's app-powered network. Ordering and purchasing take place through the app. Even if one is standing at a Luckin, they must use the app to manage the transaction. Luckin is working quickly to make coffee-drinking a habit in China, particularly among office workers. Its lower cost and willingness to offer coupons for future purchases has allowed Luckin to quickly become a value challenger to Starbucks, which is a premium brand in China. Luckin's rapid proliferation forced its global rival to partner with Alibaba on a delivery option in an effort to remain competitive with customers who like the convenience of Luckin's delivery network. The company is rumored to be doing a public offering on an American stock market in 2019.  

2019: China
headquarters: Beijing, China