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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

Lola is an app-based travel booking service from Kayak cofounder Paul English. It combines the concierge-style personalization of travel agents with the efficiencies of artificial intelligence. English saw the opportunity for Lola when he realized that the experience of booking a hotel or flight has remained remarkably static for the past two decades. While websites have improved the process of filtering and finding rooms and seats, most are still variations on a theme: They aggregate inventory from various sources and make travelers do the rest of the work. On the other end of the spectrum are travel agents, who arrange customized trips from end-to-end while dealing with any hiccups during the journey. English created a messaging platform where chatbots and agents work together to help travelers book and troubleshoot their trips. The service launched in 2016, but already English has acquired the well-regarded hotel meta-search site Room 77 to provide deeper intelligence for the Lola app. 

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