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With around 70% of India's population living in rural areas, Internet access is almost never a given. And when it comes to distributing and collecting goods, the inability to communicate can cause real problems. Anup Akkihal realized this back in 2006, when he was working as a defense contractor for a U.S. company and was tasked with transporting army supplies, weapons, and ammunitions to war zones. He decided to take his supply chain skills to India and founded Logistimo, which develops mobile and web supply chain technology for rural emerging markets. But the key to the company's product is that it works even when users are offline: the software is cloud-based, so when there's no Internet connection it stores information and waits until it receives an Internet signal to send it. This can help organizations ranging from retailers to government agencies ensure that their goods get where they need to go. When it comes to things like delivering medicine to health clinics, the technology is potentially life-saving.
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