Most Innovative Companies

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018 is a live video broadcasting platform where users can instantly start earning revenue from virtual gifts from viewers, making it the YouTube of the live video space. Launched by the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile in 2016, the startup reported 20 million users after just one year, and processed more than $6 million in payments to its influencers in its first 18 months.’s economy is based around coins, which fans can use to buy virtual diamonds for their favorite influencers. Once influencers pass certain benchmarks, they can convert diamonds into cash. In 2017, opened a studio space in Los Angeles where users can use the company’s resources and equipment to make videos. The studio is also being used to create original content such as a variety talk show and a weekly Broadcaster Academy that provides tips for users.

2018: Video
headquarters: Los Angeles On The Web
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