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Levita Magnetics

For common abdominal surgeries, like gall bladder removals and appendectomies, the holy grail is to minimize incision points and thereby reduce scarring and pain for the patient. Levita Magnetics has developed a new system that uses magnets in a novel way, with a goal of making it possible for surgeons to perform so-called single port surgery. In 2016 the system received FDA clearance in a new category: Magnetic Surgery. Also in 2016, the company published results from a 50-patient clinical trial that demonstrated no adverse effects. Already, Levita’s system has been used by top surgeons at Duke, Stanford, and the Cleveland Clinic for gall bladder removals, with far more surgeries being conducted in CEO Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro’s native Chile. “It's simple and very innovative,” says Stanford’s director of innovative surgery, Dr. Homero Rivas, one of the first surgeons to work with Levita.

2017: Health
public or private: Private
staff: 10
headquarters: San Mateo, California
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