Most Innovative Companies


Kasita is an Austin-based startup that produces tiny homes that are completely movable and meant as a low-waste answer to the excessiveness of a typical single-family home. Kasita's tiny apartment concept is designed in the shape of a sleek glass-and-steel box that slides into a narrow metal frame, called a "rack." The frame acts like an apartment building, squeezing homes into otherwise unbuildable lots in busy urban neighborhoods. When owners need to move, they use Kasita's app to summon a crane, which slides the apartment completely out of the rack, and a moving truck, which then drives it to an empty slot in a building elsewhere. Inside, the 200-square-foot homes feature amenities such as a queen-size bed, a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, and even a sound system--all snugly contained to give inhabitants a spacious, well-designed place to live. For a studio in Austin, the price of a Kasita home would be $600, or half the local price of a studio apartment. The first Kasita rack is scheduled to open in Austin in 2016, with more to open in cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Stockholm, where Kasita has struck deals to place its racks on land that might otherwise go unoccupied.
public or private: Private
staff: 9
headquarters: Austin, TX