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Johnson & Johnson

In 2016, Johnson & Johnson expanded the footprint of its JLABs incubator/accelerator to six locations across two countries. It doubled the lab space available to early-stage startups to 180,000 square feet and is currently housing 130 companies. Just a few examples of the firms it has incubated: Epibiome, a startup that is attempting to treat infectious diseases in humans and livestock without using antibiotics that wipe out good bacteria; and Applied Molecular Transport, a company that is developing new therapies for autoimmune diseases like inflammatory bowel disease. This accelerator model bucks traditional pharma innovation practices—none of the companies it selects for the accelerator work for J&J, nor do their findings and discoveries belong to J&J.

2017: Biotech
staff: 129,000 worldwide
headquarters: New Brunswick, New Jersey
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