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Iora Health

Founded in 2011, the Boston-based Iora has found traction for its value-based care model with institutions such as Dartmouth College, where some 1,600 college employees get care through an Iora clinic, and with insurers, like Humana, that pay Iora a flat fee to care for their Medicare Advantage customers. Iora’s integrated teams of doctors, nurses, behavioral health specialists, and health coaches focus on proactive care that includes things like making sure patients get a ride to appointments and are actively engaged in community activities. Patients in its care network experience a 40% reduction in hospitalizations and a 20% reduction in ER visits, with substantial cost savings. Now serving patients in 25 practices across 7 states, in May 2018 Iora raised a $100 million to fund expansion and in September 2018 announced plans to open 10 new primary care clinics for Humana’s Medicare patients in Tacoma, Tucson, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

2019: Health
headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts