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InMobi is a global advertising platform that aims to make mobile ads more user-friendly and less intrusive and impersonal. Initially founded in 2007 as an SMS-based search engine, the company later pivoted to leverage data such as location and app interests to serve up (and help app developers deliver) ads that feel organic and part of a user's mobile computing experience. In 2015, InMobi took this concept to the next level when it launched Miip, an animated pet monkey that acts as an ad curator for app users. (For example, Miip might pop up in a fitness app during a run to suggest new sportswear.) InMobi's partnerships with over 30,000 apps have helped it reach more than 1 billion devices, and it has recently secured high-profile partnerships with companies like Amazon and Alibaba. Its broad reach and efficacy has stirred rumblings of acquisition by the largest players in tech, including Google and, most recently, Microsoft. InMobi is a multinational company with 16 offices worldwide and is based in Bangalore, India, where it's poised to take advantage of the exploding mobile market in that region.

What to look out for:

Naveen Tewari has said he'd eventually like to seek an IPO and remain independent from competitors like Google and Facebook.
The company is also working with payment facilitators like Stripe and Alipay to develop a Buy Button for apps.

Top tip for getting a job at this company:

"Passion, perseverance, and grit are key characteristics--if you have these, you are a perfect fit to become a part of the InMobi family." --Anneka Patel, global communications manager, InMobi

Top perks for employees:

Each employee is provided with an annual "Learning Wallet" to learn new skills.
All job opportunities are first offered to InMobi employees to consider for an internal job change before they are opened to external applicants.
All employees have the opportunity to learn about how other teams work via "Bridge Assignments." These temporary, part-time assignments allow information exchange and insight into how other roles and departments work.
Multiple annual events are organized to bring employees together, like annual kickoff Catalyst events, InMobi Day (annual anniversary), Family Day (celebrations with employees and their families), Sports Days (monthlong sporting events that include indoor and outdoor games) etc.
Employees can bring their pets to the office.
Gym facility, free meals, Zumba and yoga classes.

Social media handles:

Twitter: @inmobi
Instagram: @inmobi_official

Diversity breakdown:

27% Female
73% Male

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Its ad software reaches more than 1 billion monthly active users through 32,000 apps.
Singapore; Bangalore, India