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Ingenhoven Architects

Ingenhoven Architects is a Düsseldorf, Germany--based architecture firm known for its ecologically minded high-rises and urban structures since its founding as Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partner in 1985. As urban populations grow, it would seem that waning city space means waning access to green space, but Ingenhoven is working to bridge the gap between the man-made and the natural, starting with where and how we live. In 2017, work will be completed on the firm's Marina One building in Singapore. Dubbed the "Green Heart," the high-rise, mixed-use building will resemble a green mountain in the middle of the world's most densely populated city, rising above the throng to offer locals a hushed green space for contemplation and enjoyment. With the help of landscape architects at Gustafson Porter, shrubs, trees, and flowers will rise from every level of this sustainable building, paving the way for cities to preserve verdant spaces as they're forced to build upward.
public or private: Private
staff: 125
headquarters: Düsseldorf, Germany