Most Innovative Companies

Inamoto & Co

Inamoto & Co is a user experience design firm for both name-brand companies and startups and  both online and offline work. For Uniqlo, the third-largest apparel retailer in the world, the agency created Uniqlo IQ, an AI-driven shopping assistant to offer Uniqlo shoppers personal suggestions via a voice-based interface. Uniqlo IQ is available through both Uniqlo's app as well as Line, the popular Japanese messaging service, and Google Assistant.  IQ also uses image recognition to ID a piece of clothing and make related style suggestions.  

For GU, Uniqlo’s sister brand, Inamoto developed a retail concept called GU Style Studio, which it debuted in Tokyo. Its accompanying mobile app lets shoppers design their own avatar to virtually try different looks and can send any purchases home.

Inamoto is also responsible for Toyota's car-sharing service called Drive to Go, which lets users reserve both a car and, say, camping equipment for a trip. In addition, Drive to Go customers can try pre-release vehicles, such as Toyota’s electric concept for one person called i-Road. In Japan, there was a six-month waiting list to try it. 

headquarters: Brooklyn, New York