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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

iCarbonX is a Chinese data company that aims to improve health care using artificial intelligence and biotech. Founded in 2015 by genomicist Jun Wang, the company has become a comprehensive platform for health data, pulling in information from millions of people. iCarbonX created a Digital Life Alliance that brings together companies into a learning ecosystem around healthy living, disease, and AI. So far, iCarbonX has invested $400 million in SomaLogic, HealthTell, PatientsLikeMe, AOBiome, GALT, Imagu, and Robustnique, which make up the current members of the Digital Life Alliance. One of the more recent investments was a $100 million minority stake in PatientsLikeMe, the world’s biggest personalized health social network. The ultimate goal of the alliance is to provide data-based insights into how diseases progress in the body and what steps individuals can take to slow that progression.

2017: China
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