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The market for high-tech heads-up displays (HUDs) is rapidly growing in the automotive world, but one of the problems is incorporating them in a way that's helpful to the driver without being distracting. Carmaker Hyundai seems to be getting it right. Its 2015 Genesis already features a HUD that shows info about cruise control, lane departure, and blind spots. But at CES 2015, the carmaker teased its next iteration, which takes defensive driving to a new level. The HUD will serve as an extra set of eyes and ears in the car, telling drivers when another vehicle is entering their lane and describing upcoming road conditions. The HUD will also highlight exit ramps and street signs. Other manufacturers offer similar features, but what sets Hyundai apart is the wearable band that corresponds with Hyundai's HUD, vibrating when a driver is drifting from their lane. The band monitors heart rate and can notify 911 in an emergency. Hyundai says the new HUD is production ready. On top of that, it's also developing hand-gesture technology that lets drivers adjust settings without taking their eyes off the road to fiddle with fobs.
valuation: $31 billion market cap as of December 2015
public or private: Public
staff: 55000
headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Competition: Ford, Toyota