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These days marketing is all about location, and Hyp3r’s technology helps businesses of any kind, particularly those in the travel sphere, to create personal relationships with customers. Hyp3r’s real-time, location-based engagement platform draws information from publicly available, geotagged social posts on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Weibo to help companies extend special offers and deals to users who are on their properties. The technology makes it easy to measure return on engagement, turn real-time data into actionable insight, and create reports to track those insights. In 2018, Hyp3r continued its efforts to help clients use anonymized location data to increase marketing efficiency. It has now geofenced nearly all hotels and cruise ships around the globe—along with many airports, casinos, fitness clubs, and retail locations—to build a location-based travel and retail marketing cloud that is helping companies like Marriott International and Norwegian Cruise Lines deliver marketing to consumers who are already using their services. In 2018, Hyp3r was awarded a patent for the creation of the Geosocial Index, an innovative social media measuring tool for use within a specific venue within a certain time period.

2019: Travel
headquarters: San Francisco, CA