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Since launching in 2006, Hudl has quietly grown into a must-have tool for sports teams of any level. The Nebraska-based company has built a platform where athletes and coaches can quickly upload and review videos of gameplay, creating a network with more than 130,000 teams and 3.5 million unique users. Hudl's tools can be used for training purposes, with coaches creating diagrams or adding annotations to videos to share with their players, as well as for promotional purposes--players can easily create highlight reels to share with their fans on their Hudl profile page or via social media outlets. The platform has also become useful for recruitment, granting players easy access to content that they can share with scouts and producing videos that can go viral and attract attention to otherwise unknown hopefuls. The small startup has experienced hyper-growth in the last few years and is now licensing its content to larger sports networks like ESPN, creating an additional source of revenue. Not that it needs it: The company charges up to $3,200 for amateur programs and up to $50,000 for professional ones, and it raised an impressive $72.5 million in new funding in 2015.

What to look out for:

Adoption by high-profile sports teams, rollouts of new features/products

Social media handles:

Twitter: @hudl
Instagram: @hudl

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More than 3.5m coaches and athletes spanning more than 100,000 teams, nearly 16,000 of which are high school football
Lincoln, NE