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Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Highfive works to evolve and simplify business meetings through cloud-based video conferencing at an affordable cost. Founded by Shan Sinha and Jeremy Roy, Highfive lets users set up HD video conferencing in a matter of a five minutes. The company’s services also offer unlimited video calls, screen sharing, and wireless TV projection. In contrast to traditional video conferencing services, Highfive doesn’t require users to input pin codes or passwords; instead, customers can use a meeting link within their own browsers. Highfive’s costs are also based on “per-room pricing,” which makes it easier to to hold video conferences in a range of locations. As of fall 2017, Highfive claimed to power more than 110,000 meetings monthly, adding almost 100 new customers per month. The startup is supported by investors and entrepreneurs such as Andreessen Horowitz and Dropbox’s Drew Houston. Leading companies like Warby Parker and Evernote have begun to use Highfive’s services. 

headquarters: Redwood City, California
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