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As cities become more crowded, owning a car is less feasible, a trend that automakers would like to ignore. Not carmaker Ford. "We can't just keep putting more and more cars on the road," Ford's Erica Klampfl said at MIT's EmTech 2015. In January, Ford opened a new Research and Innovation Center in Silicon Valley and launched a handful of experiments that confront this issue head on. Last summer it announced its third and most advanced e-bike iteration. It also entered the car-sharing economy, letting customers with Ford Credit--financed vehicles in six U.S. cities earn up to $10,000 a year by renting out their cars on an hourly basis through a partnership with Getaround. The company knows it can't stop the trend of car-sharing, but it might as well learn from it. The six-month pilot program ended in November, and Ford is mining the data for takeaways to inform its future not as an automotive company, but as a mobility company. Ford is also working on developing an autonomous car and has invested $4.5 billion in electric vehicles in the next five years.

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Twitter: @Ford
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Diversity breakdown:

2013: 27% of U.S. workforce are minorities, 22% female
Globally salaried workforce: 74% male, 26% female

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$57.64 billion market cap as of December 2015
public or private
14,000 in U.S. experiment of peer-to-peer car sharing, 12,000 in London
Dearborn, MI