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In March 2013, Flipboard released its version 2.0—transforming itself from the tablet's slickest aggregator to the publishing industry's would-be BFF. The service lets users create personalized magazines from their favorite sources, be they news outlets or blogs, and now draws roughly 200,000 new users a day, for a total of more than 100 million. Flipboard created ad revenue–sharing partnerships with Condé Nast and Time Inc. titles (Fast Company also works with Flipboard); later in the year, it added shoppable catalogs to its mix. And when the political site Talking Points Memo accused Flipboard of ripping off smaller publishers, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue parried by announcing plans for a similar revenue-sharing plan for the web's indies. It launches this year. "If we can't make the publishers successful," says McCue, "we don't deserve to win."
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