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Fitbit is an American digital health and fitness brand, founded in 2007 and known for its eponymous fitness trackers that helped ignite the wearables trend. Fitbit's products are either worn on the wrist or clipped onto clothing and help keep track of things like number of stairs climbed, steps walked, or hours of quality sleep. The company remains the leader in the category it invented, despite the proliferation of smartphone apps and smartwatches (particularly from Apple) encroaching on its territory. Fitbit has won by offering a wider array of choices at better prices, from $60 to $250. And its software is the best in the business: The most recent update added such features as automatic activity identification so users of Fitbit Charge HR, Surge and Blaze no longer have to tell Fitbit that they used the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. At CES 2016, it launched the Fitbit Blaze--an exercise-detecting smart fitness watch, to defend its turf from Apple and any other challengers. The company went public in 2015, and its financial performance has been impressive. Corporate business is also growing rapidly: more than 70 of the Fortune 500 have signed up for Fitbit's corporate wellness program, called Fitbit Wellness.

Top perks for employees:

A number of health-related perks, including on-premises Zumba and kickboxing classes, as well a monthly fitness stipend

Social media handles:

Twitter: @Fitbit
Instagram: @Fitbit

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