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Farm to Market Alliance

A nonprofit project born out of the World Food Program, Farm to Market Alliance is attempting to make Africa’s agricultural sector—a potential breadbasket for the world—more sustainable by empowering farmers and building stronger markets. A consortium of eight agri-focused organizations, it has developed PATH, a cutting-edge value-chain solution that helps farming families transition to commercial agriculture. The solution provides farmers with four key areas of support—predictable markets, affordable finance, technologies and quality inputs, and handling and storage solutions—to help them become reliable market players, and build the confidence of other players in the wider agriculture market. Essentially, it acts as a sort of neutral broker in a profit-driven value chain, with its network of service delivery centers serving as a one-stop shop through which farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia can interact with service providers to obtain products and services across PATH, while the FtMA app, available in Tanzania, works as a platform for ecosystem players to offer their services and connects farmers with each other. So far, PATH has successfully engaged over 150,000 farmers, and generated US$17 million in crop purchases by commercial buyers.

2019: Africa
headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya
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