Most Innovative Companies


Everlane is an American fashion e-retailer, founded in 2011 and dedicated to "radical transparency" by openly reporting the sources and manufacturing processes of its minimalistic designs. In 2015, just four years after launching its online shop with a single $15 T-shirt (now a cult favorite), Everlane has more than 300,000 customers. Everlane caused an Internet frenzy when it released its first winter jacket to a 2,237-person waiting list: a wool overcoat for under $300. Perhaps more remarkable is that CEO Michael Preysman and team have accomplished Everlane's scale without any traditional marketing. Instead, the company relies on its presence on Instagram and Snapchat to draw like-minded shoppers to its vision of transparency and timeless design. For Everlane, environmental friendliness is not necessarily about using organic farms but about minimizing water and energy consumption by designing stylish basics that transcend trends and seasonality--and simply last longer. Slowly but surely, Everlane's lineup has expanded from T-shirts to include pants, sweaters, shoes, and that coveted coat. Next, the company plans to develop proprietary fabrics so that it might become an innovative technology company. Everlane also plans on publishing audits and ratings of its factories on its website to empower more shoppers to make better decisions about the fashion they consume.

2013: Retail
public or private: Private
staff: 70
users: 300,000 customers
headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Competition: Zady
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