Most Innovative Companies


Everlane launched in 2010 with a concept that was, until then, unheard of in the fashion industry. It would offer the customer a full breakdown of how much it cost to make each product, from the price of the raw materials and transportation to exactly how much of a markup Everlane would take. Millennial shoppers were very attracted to Everlane’s vision of radical transparency, and the brand has grown exponentially over the years. Founder and CEO Michael Preysman has taken the concept of transparency beyond price to offering customers a glimpse into the company’s supply chain, which is both ethical and environmentally sound. On the brand’s website, customers can get a glimpse into the factories where products are made and see photos of the workers making the garments. In 2017, five years after saying he would rather shut down Everlane than open a physical store, Preysman launched the brand’s first permanent brick and mortar location in New York. The brand will continue to roll out new locations around the country over the next few years, each equipped with a proprietary new point of sale system that will make the transition from shopping online to in-store more seamless for the customer.

2013: Retail
public or private: Private
staff: 70
users: 300,000 customers
headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Competition: Zady
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