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Emocha Mobile Health

People generally fail to take 30% to 40% of the medications they are prescribed, resulting in increased hospitalization costs, negative health outcomes, and in some cases, serious public health risks. Emocha, a company founded in 2013 with technology developed at Johns Hopkins, offers an innovative way to ensure that high-risk patients comply with their medication regimens: a HIPAA-compliant mobile app that lets patients record a video of themselves taking their meds and send it to their care provider. Hospitals and public health agencies around the country are using emocha to support people with tuberculosis, opioid use disorder, HIV, and hepatitis C--and demonstrating medication adherence rates as high as 95%. The app has proven particularly valuable when natural and manmade disasters impact normal infrastructure. In late 2016, emocha donated services to Puerto Rico, where a financial crisis had frozen funds for healthcare, and helped head off an outbreak of TB among patients at a remote facility for mentally ill patients. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the health department in Houston used emocha to keep TB patients in treatment, helping contain an outbreak there. 

2018: Health
headquarters: Baltimore, MD
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