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EM3 AgriServices

India’s EM3 AgriServices brings expensive farming technology to farmers on a pay-for-use basis in order to help small-scale farmers keep up with globalization and advances in agriculture tech. It does so through its farming-as-a-service platform, which works not through just an app, but through physical call centers and human representatives that interact with its largely offline consumer base. Each center is “equipped to handle a comprehensive suite of basic and precision farm operations throughout the entire crop production cycle,” according to EM3’s website. So far, the company has worked with more than 8,000 farms via its 10 service centers, and a $10 million Series B funding round promises to expand EM3’s work to more provinces in India. EM3 has also partnered with local governments, like Rajasthan, India, in order to get farmers engaged in the service, and has also partnered with Trimble and John Deere, which provide technical support.

2018: India
headquarters: Noida, India
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