Most Innovative Companies


Numerous wearable devices monitor your slumber. Eight offers something different: a Sleep Tracker you sleep on. The product, a smart mattress topper that works with any mattress (including Eight’s own) monitors deep sleep, heart rate, room temperature, and noise, and other factors that help determine if you wake up energized or feeling like you’d like to go back to bed.

Besides letting customers peruse the data collected by their Sleep Trackers--via Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant if they choose--Eight aggregates the information anonymously to gain a big-picture understanding of how people snooze. 

The company has used 10 million hours of its data to help it design its own Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter mattresses. That’s an asset in the crowded bed-in-a-box market, where it competes with everyone from upstarts like Casper to industry giants such as Serta Simmons.

headquarters: New York, NY