Most Innovative Companies


Dubset Media Holdings is a technology company that specializes in rights management and distribution within the music and video industries. Catering to DJs and other content creators, Dubset works with mix and remix content to find easy and efficient ways to make a profit and streamline the licensing process. To get the work done, the company has employed innovative strategies, such as the use of its “MIXSCAN” technology, which matches mixes and remixes with a customized set of “MixDNA,” which ultimately makes managing the rights to content more secure and straightforward. To make the relationship between DJs and publishers more seamless, the company also created “MixBANK,” a service that gives DJs the ability to closely monitor their work and see how it’s being used. MixBANK has not only caught the attention of over 30,000 labels, but has earned the company distribution deals with both Apple and Spotify. With the use of its MixBank technology, Dubset has made it easier for DJs to track their work and for rights holders to properly monetize mixes and remixes.

2018: Music
headquarters: San Francisco, CA