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Define American

Define American is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to changing the conversation about immigrants, identity, and citizenship.

Immigration, of course, has become an even more highly polarized issue in America. Define American is participating in this conversation by using popular culture to influence the debate. Using media consulting, original content development and production, media advocacy, and live events, Define American humanizes the conversation on immigration and fights anti-immigrant hate through storytelling. To date, Define American has consulted on more than 45 films and television projects, such as Grey’s Anatomy and Superstore, spanning networks like ABC and NBC and streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. In 2018, the immigration-focused nonprofit signed with United Talent Agency to expand its potential impact within the entertainment industry. 

Define American's entertainment media department consults with creators about how best to depict stories about race, immigration, and citizenship. These programs showcase the humanity of their subjects, helping to minimize the "other-ism" that otherwise can all too easily be relied upon by viewers when thinking about immigrants.

headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky