Most Innovative Companies

DBP Donut

DBP Donut connects indie filmmakers with brands and digital platforms to develop a new way to create short-form content.

DBP Donut was the first company to be tapped by Snap and NBCUniversal to develop scripted series for Snapchat. In 2018, the company created two new series that mark the first time premium indie film-storytelling techniques came to vertical video and social media. It also made a deal with the interactive entertainment company Eko to produce new live-action series that will let viewers direct where the shows go. Those programs will debut in 2019. These projects put DBP Donut at the forefront of the trend to create high-end original digital short-form content.  

The company, led by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, also does brand work for the likes of Levi's. By simultaneously creating commercial work with brands and original scripted work for platforms and networks with the same creative teams, DBP Donut helps introduce brands to creating in the same fashion as TV and movies get developed. 

headquarters: Los Angeles, California