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Dalian Wanda

Best known for its ubiquitous Wanda Plazas—elaborate shopping malls with movie theaters, apartments, and office buildings—Dalian Wanda made its fortune on real estate but is now rapidly diversifying to become a major player in entertainment. As the Chinese box office gallops to become the world’s largest, Wanda is hungry for high-quality content and IP to push through its global movie theater chains and theme parks. In 2016 it spent billions on Legendary Entertainment and Dick Clark Productions, and made a deal to co-finance and market Sony films in China. But founder Wang Jianlin's ambitions extend beyond just partnering with Americans. He’s intent on building his own version of Hollywood in Qingdao, where Wanda will soon open an $8 billion movie production facility. Wang is also taking on Disney and has announced 15 new theme parks that he likens to a “pack of wolves” in comparison to the “tiger” that is Shanghai Disneyland.

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