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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

CommonBond has skirted the fates of other online lending companies in recent years by partnering with employers to turn student loan repayment into something like the 401(k)s of the millennial and gen-Z workforces. The goal was to tackle two financial problems in tandem: the costly turnover facing employers and the debt weighing down their youngest employees. CommonBond has racked up more than 250 business partners to deliver its debt-refinancing program as a work perk, and as of 2017 the company has cleared $1 billion in total loans funded, with the average CommonBond user saving $24,000 annually after refinancing. Aiming to address two further symptoms of the student debt crisis—miserable customer service and worse consumer-facing tech—CommonBond CEO and cofounder David Klein rolled out direct student loans last year. Having earned “Aa” Moody’s ratings for all but one of CommonBond’s securitizations, Klein hopes to take the company beyond the education market in 2018.

headquarters: New York, NY
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