Most Innovative Companies


Cloudflare offers its customers internet security while also ensuring website users have an efficient and infallible interactive experience. Its mission is "to build a better internet.” 

In 2018, Cloudflare launched a slew of new products. Cloudflare Access makes managing the rights to internal enterprise applications fast and easy. Cloudflare Workers lets developers deploy and execute code directly to the edge of Cloudflare’s global network. The Cloudflare Mobile SDK is a free tool for mobile app developers to help them monitor and improve network performance. Spectrum moves the company beyond web protocols to handle email servers, gaming servers, and internet of things devices, among other internet-connected products. Spectrum lets Cloudflare speed the performance of everything across its global network of more than 165 data centers and protect anything connected to the Internet from an attack.

Last April, Cloudflare also debuted its first consumer service:, a Domain Name System (DNS). Cloudflare's goal was to provide users with both faster and more private online browsing. In August, the company introduced Stream, video technology that lets content owners and developers integrate video into any application or website--without having to manage technical issue or cede control and information on their visitors to Facebook and YouTube.

In addition (!), Cloudflare expanded its Athenian Project, which offers U.S. state and local election websites free enterprise-level security and reliability services.

Cloudflare first began as “Project Honey Pot,” an initiative spearheaded by Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway in 2004 meant to address the root issues of email spam. After realizing the project’s potential to offer more effective internet services, Matthew, Lee, and Michelle Zatlyn cofounded Cloudflare. 

2019: Security
2012: Internet
headquarters: San Francisco