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CJ 4DPlex

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

The concept of a 4D movie theater experience isn’t necessarily new, but that’s not to suggest anyone has ever done it effectively. CJ 4DPLEX is aiming to make that happen. 4DX technology employs a host of immersive experiences such as scents, wind, lightning, rain, fog, and snow to amplify the film experience. The resurgence and boom of 3D movies opened the way for CJ 4DPLEX to get ahead of the next curve with 4D, and major theater groups are co-signing its efforts. Currently, there are more than 36,000 4DX seats in 286 theaters across 41 countries, and the Seoul-based company is angling to make deeper inroads in the U.S. through a 17-screen expansion deal with Regal Entertainment Group by the end of 2018.

headquarters: South Korea
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