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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

CannonDesign is a global architecture firm focused on innovative design across health, education, business, and science. In its work with large-scale health-care projects, such as the OR 360 simulation center at Cedars Sinai, CannonDesign has questioned the role that architecture plays in human health. At the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center, which opened in November of 2016, the team created an all-electronic patient intake system. A similar concept for changing the amount of time patients spend waiting was implemented in 2016 at the University of Minnesota’s health center, where CannonDesign also reimagined the use of exam rooms and doctor offices to create a more efficiently used space. For Kaiser Permanente's Radiation Oncology Center in Anaheim, California, when also opened in 2016, the firm took inspiration from day spas to create a more relaxing, inviting environment for cancer patients. The firm is also tackling social challenges—in Cook County, Chicago, it is working to redesign bond courts to be more equitable. A 20-person team at CannonDesign, called Yazdani Studio, acts as an experimental think tank that helps to drive innovation within the firm.

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