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BuzzFeed is a New York-based Internet media company founded in 2006 by the entrepreneur Jonah Peretti. Known for its highly shareable news posts, quizzes, and its signature "listicles," BuzzFeed has grown to include 11 editions—from Australia to Mexico—and has raised $496 million in capital as of January 2017, including a deal with NBCUniversal that included a $400 million investment over two rounds. 

But while it continues to dazzle the world with cat GIFs and funny lists, BuzzFeed has also transferred its specific brand of virality to deep political coverage, personal and critical essays, and breaking and in-depth global news. To accomplish that pivot, BuzzFeed has thrown its weight behind social media, which delivers 75% of its traffic, and other content avenues including video. Surely you’ve seen its viral food hits on Facebook from its Tasty channel. As of 2017, its videos get over 5 billion views per month. Looking at recipes alone, some seconds-long videos draw millions of views. This expansion has led to new partnerships with brands and even a foray into the publishing space with Tasty: The Cookbook. These successful video projects show the company figuring out how to make a large media company both successful and scalable. And with new projects like Nifty (do-it-yourself projects) and Goodful (healthy living), along with an almost protean ability to reinvent itself and plenty of outside investment, BuzzFeed will look to continue evolving as it scales, potentially pursuing an IPO.

valuation: $1.5 billion
public or private: Private
profitable: Yes
users: 85 million monthly visitors
headquarters: New York, NY
Competition: Vice Media
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