Most Innovative Companies


"I'm loading some innovation on my phone right now," Box CEO Aaron Levie quips as he pulls out his iPhone. He demos a 360-degree view of a brain scan, the result of Box acquiring 3-D modeling company Verold.

Box--which boasts over 50,000 clients, from General Electric to prized startups like Spotify and Airbnb--is to cloud storage what Slack has become to team communication. Think the "Switzerland of enterprise," as Levie says. Box pivoted to enterprise before it became sexy--and soon after Levie started the company in 2005 with now-CFO Dylan Smith--giving the company a leg up on a major rival, Dropbox. After kicking off 2015 with an IPO, Box brokered partnerships with heavyweights like IBM, Apple, and even the once-aloof Microsoft.

These allies lend Box both cachet and visibility. Box has also been developing a plugin with Oculus that, coupled with the virtual reality firm's headset, will make those 3-D models immersive.
valuation: $1.6 billion
public or private: Public
profitable: No
revenue: $200-300 million
staff: 1,400
users: 50,000 clients; 40 million users; 300,000 users within GE alone
headquarters: Redwood City, CA
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