Most Innovative Companies

Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads is a biotech company founded in 2009 to develop and commercialize bioengineered textiles. In 2017, Bolt Threads released its first product, a $300 tie, made of Microsilk, a biomaterial designed to replicate the strength, elasticity, and durability of spider silk. In 2018, Bolt introduced Mylo, a biofabricated leather grown from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. The material, now available in a tote, resembles genuine leather but doesn’t emit the greenhouse gases associated with traditional leather production. Bolt Threads’s larger goal is to disrupt the textile industry, currently the second largest industrial polluter in the world. The company has raised $213 million in four funding rounds.

2019: Design
2018: Style
headquarters: Emeryville, CA