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Argus Cyber Security

Argus Cyber Security's technology protects vehicles from hackers who can take control of a car that someone else is driving. Because multiple computer systems run every contemporary vehicle, hackers can dangerously override what a driver is doing, causing pumping brakes to be futile, right turns on the steering wheel to go left instead, and more dangerous scenarios. The company is considered the world leader in this field, and works with many of the world’s top car manufacturers, OEMs, and tier-one suppliers. Argus Cyber Security also has partnerships with the leading chip manufacturers making the silicon technology for cars, including new alliances with Intel, NXP, and Qualcomm. In 2016, it unveiled a multi-layered solution for protecting vehicles; competitors focus on one area of a vehicle, normally with one solution, while Argus addresses potential hacks from multiple vectors. The Argus system prevents malware from being installed in the telematics, tracks all network communications and unusual network activity, reinforces protection for critical electronic-control units, and monitors external trends that could indicate potential attacks down the road.   

2017: Israel
staff: 56
headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
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