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African Leadership University

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2016African Leadership University is a network of tertiary education institutions in 25 African cities working to cultivate future African leaders. Its main campus is on the island of Mauritius. In 2008, Fred Swaniker, a Stanford Business School--educated serial entrepreneur, founded ALU's sister organization, the African Leadership Academy--an extremely selective institute dedicated to educating the next generation of African leaders who will fill the vacuum left by Africa's many dictators and military coups. In 2015, Swaniker expanded that effort to include the first African Leadership University, an institute of higher education designed to teach leadership skills to Africa's best and brightest and to fight the brain drain, which has seen many of Africa's most accomplished young people go abroad to the U.S. or Europe for their education (and often their careers). The school is designed with no downtime in mind: The students, who are welcomed from all over Africa, spend eight months in classes and then four months working for various businesses each year for three years. After graduation, Swaniker hopes that they will go on to become Africa's politicians, doctors, businessmen and women, and success stories. He hopes to open dozens of ALUs across Africa over the next 50 years.
2016: Africa
public or private: Private
profitable: The university is currently in its first year, but it is a for-profit institution. Tuition is $7,000/yr for African students and $14,000 for international students plus about $6,000 in various fees.
users: 58 students make up the school's inaugural cohort
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