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2011 China Project

2011 China Project

Fast Company's 2011 China Project: An Introduction


At the beginning of 2011, Fast Company set out to spend a year in China, documenting the transition, transformation and innovation in that country. Our reporters spent time with people from many sectors of Chinese life, and what our team emerged with was a picture of China that is far more complex than we expected, a portrait of a nation that is complicated and searching collectively for its future. READ MORE

The Facebooks Of China

The Facebooks Of China feature

China's fake Facebooks started as mere copycats but now drive innovation in advertising and gaming. They've also built something unique in their country: a place where people can find love, speak out, and be whoever they want to be. READ

Philip Lim

"We Live By The Dress, We Die By The Dress" article

Inside the life and mind of Phillip Lim, one of the most talented and most elusive young fashion designers of our time. READ

The People's Education Army

The People's Education Army slideshow

Here is an existential question of high-school philosophy: If everyone is equally nerdy, does that mean no one is a nerd? VIEW

Cramming For College At Beijing's Second High Article

An intimate look at a group of elite Beijing high-school students reveals how China's schooling system is one of the resurgent nation's greatest strengths--and biggest weaknesses. READ

Return to the Silk Road Slideshow

The impact of the Middle East trade registers across Yiwu; you can see it all over the streets of this New Silk Road outpost. VIEW

Follow The Billionaire

Chen knows all about the lives of the poor in China because for most of his life, he was one of the have-nots. VIEW

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Protect And Attack: Lenovo's New Strategy Feature

Once an unlikely rival for HP and Apple, Chinese computer maker Lenovo has grown and adapted as quickly as its homeland.

China's Return To The Silk Road Article

China is reclaiming its place as the world's megabazaar, with the city of Yiwu as its one-stop shop for traders from the Muslim world.

China's Small Steps Forward

China's Small Steps Forward Slideshow

This village-within-the-city, which looks as if it had been airlifted from the bygone countryside, is called Wuwucun.

Chen Guangbiao, China's Charity Champion Article

How a farmer's kid turned recycling tycoon became China's "philanthropist-in-chief."

The Small Steps Forward Article

For the residents of one neighborhood in Shenzhen, China, the New Balance sneaker is more than a shoe; it's a path to a better life.

The Tao Of The Sea Turtle Article

Three top Chinese tech companies--Alibaba, Baidu, and YouKu--are remaking the country's moribund, hierarchical corporate culture with an injection of new ideas from the West.