The Business Case for Abortion Access

why corporate silence on reproductive rights harms workers—and companies

These days, corporations make public proclamations after just about every significant news event. After George Floyd was murdered, tech companies, including Microsoft and Apple, made pledges of $3.8 billion to diversify their hiring practices and better support Black workers. Airbnb, Google, and others rushed to announce matching donations to support relief efforts when Russia invaded Ukraine this February. And back in 2013, hundreds of companies, among them Starbucks and Facebook (now Meta), urged the Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. 

So why is it that, even amid the mounting pace of state legislation and recent Supreme Court leak, companies have had so little to say about abortion?

Starting in March, in anticipation of the Court’s final decision this summer, Fast Company reached out to nearly 200 major companies. We solicited feedback about how these businesses view abortion access, the policies they have in place around abortion care, and how they plan to respond to the likely fall of Roe v. Wade. For this survey, we specifically focused on the largest U.S. companies by revenue, as well as other businesses with workers in states with trigger bans or other substantial abortion restrictions.

“It’s a really disgusting system which punishes people for not having enough money.”

Renee Bracey Sherman, founder of We Testify

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