one hundred best workplaces for innovators

Our fourth annual list of the Best Workplaces for Innovators, created in collaboration with Accenture, shines a light on more than 100 companies from 13 countries that cultivate innovation across their organizations.

In this era of distributed workforces and mass attrition (the so-called Great Resignation), our fourth annual Best Workplaces for Innovators list highlights more than 100 companies that energize employees by rewarding creativity wherever it arises. The venerable toy giant Mattel operates a “virtual garage platform” that allows workers at any level to pitch new concepts, while Maverick Quantum, a Texas-based artificial intelligence platform, goes one step further, soliciting ideas not only from employees but also from their family members. “These innovative organizations have cultures that offer meaningful employee engagement, and a chance to change the world,” says Paul Daugherty, group chief executive of Technology and CTO at Accenture, Fast Company’s research partner on Best Workplaces for Innovators.


Judges: Saikat Chaudhuri, Faculty director, M.E.T. Program, University of California, Berkeley; Paul Daugherty, Group chief executive of technology and CTO, Accenture; Stephanie Mehta, CEO, Mansueto Ventures; Kristin Reilly, Chief people officer, Wonder; Jana Rich, Founder, Rich Talent Group; Stefan Seiler, Group head of human resources, UBS; Jordan Taylor, Cofounder and CEO, Medley
Editor: Jay Woodruff
Fast Company judges: Morgan Baskin, Nate Berg, Jill Bernstein, Kate Davis, Lydia Dishman, Amy Farley, Yasmin Gagne, Mike Hofman, David Lidsky, Connie Lin, Danica Lo, Harry McCracken, April Mokwa, David Salazar, Mark Sullivan, Max Ufberg, Talib Visram
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