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Has the current business climate left you on the receiving end of a pink slip? Let this collection of some of our greatest articles on this sore subject help you develop coping strategies and get you back into a paycheck in no time.

10 Hard Truths About Layoffs
Who ever imagined that change-the-world companies like Cisco, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard would be laying off thousands of workers? And who thought that you would be among them -- or worried that you might be next? Here's a personal survival guide for tough times. Linda Tischler
How to Move Forward When You're Between Jobs
Learn how to transform a layoff into a savvy sabbatical -- a time to recharge your batteries and learn new skills without sabotaging your résumé. Author Hope Dlugozima offers tips for taking six months off smart. Anni Layne
Diaries of a Downturn
Four Fast Company readers open their private journals and share stories of disappointment, confusion, and resilience. Real accounts from a dog-day era of layoffs and cutbacks. Fast Company
How to Change Direction -- But Stay Together
When WebTV was acquired by Microsoft, the company's founders worried that they'd lose their close-knit team in the process. Four years later, more than half the original employees are still with the company. Here are the secrets to keeping your best people on board despite choppy water. Cheryl Dahle
Get Lost
Don't just sit there -- consider these 10 sabbaticals selected by the Fast Company staff, then steal them, tweak them, and pass them on. Anni Layne and Christine Engelken
Memo to Self: Take a Hike!
How one vice president at helped save the company by downsizing his own job. A layoff saga with a hopeful twist. Anni Layne
Take This Job and Click It
Legions of recently downsized workers are gathering to gripe, network, and find jobs on the Web. To join this virtual support group, all you need is a pink slip, a résumé, and a bitter streak. Cecilia Rothenberger and Christine Engelken
Read Between the (Unemployment) Lines
Need a boost? Sit down with one of these 20 books recommended by Fast Company's cadre of career experts. Get smart. Get inspired. Get work. Anni Layne
Pink-Slip Blues
The psychological repercussions of layoffs may sabotage downsized employees, survivors, and companies for years after a cutback, says author Ruth Luban. Here, she offers tips for softening the emotional blows of a pink slip. Anni Layne
What Counts in a Job Now
Forget promises of options, Foosball tables, and free breakfast buffets. Today's job seekers want more tangible rewards, like challenging work, skilled managers -- and cash. Jennifer Reingold