Final Deadline: May 27 ($695)

Fast Company’s Next Big Things In Tech highlights new technology breakthroughs that will help define the future of the industries they serve. We’re looking for products, services, features, research, and other technological efforts that will have a positive impact for consumers, businesses, or society at large in the next five years.

Entries from around the world, from any type of company or industry—including small-but-vital projects as well as large industry-shifting advances—are encouraged to apply. Award-worthy applications will showcase new, groundbreaking technology or reveal an innovative application for existing tech.

Applications will be judged on relevancy, ingenuity, and current and potential cultural and business impact. For full application details, see the FAQs.

Final Deadline: May 27 ($695)


Brand Exposure

Every application is seen and evaluated by Fast Company editors and reporters


Applicants are often considered for speaking engagements at Fast Company events and exclusive invitations to influencer-only programs


Gain the Fast Company stamp of approval as an exemplar for an innovative workplace

Break News

Let Fast Company tell your organization’s story for the first time. Highlight your company’s status as a leader in creating a workplace that fosters innovative culture

Visibility and Media Exposure

Winners will appear in the Winter issue of Fast Company and all honorees will appear on


Excellence in Innovation

Organizations whose practices, programs, and other techniques enable it to generate technological innovations

Buildings and Real Estate

Property tech, architecture, construction, and related areas


Consumer electronics, smart home products, and other products and services aimed at individuals


Products and services for teaching, learning, and training, both in and outside of school and for all age ranges

Fintech, Crypto, and Blockchain

Finance and cryptocurrency, as well as new applications of blockchain technology


Medical innovations, from products to research projects

Metaverse and Web3 (New!)

Metaverse, augmented and virtual reality, and other immersive and interface technologies, as well as Web3-enabling tech

Security and Privacy (New!)

Technologies that protect organizations and consumers against online and physical threats and privacy intrusions

Sustainability and Energy

Innovations relating to climate, energy production and consumption, and related topics

Wellness and Fitness (New!)

Hardware, software, and services in areas such as meditation, exercise, and nutrition

Small and Mighty

Organizations that have fewer than 50 employees with big ideas that put them at the vanguard of the next generation of technology

AI and Data

Innovations in artificial intelligence, algorithms, and data science, including customer-facing products and under-the-hood technologies

Computing, Chips, and Foundational Technology

Processors, quantum computing, enabling tech such as lidar and 5G, and other core technologies

E-Commerce and Retail

Commerce products and services, including both online and physical retail


Software, hardware, and services for use in organizations of all sizes

Food and Agriculture

The future of food and farming

Media, Entertainment, and Social

Streaming services, gaming, social media, and platform technologies such as ad tech

Robotics and Automation

Robots and supporting technologies as well as innovations in areas such as manufacturing and automated retail

Social Good (New!)

Breakthroughs that benefit society and tackle humanity's most pressing problems


Technologies relating to aerospace, automotive, autonomy, mass transit, and beyond

Workplace and Productivity (New!)

Tools for business productivity, collaboration, hiring, and HR
Final Deadline: May 27 ($695)