Final Deadline: September 23 ($995)

Since 2008, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies has been the definitive source for recognizing the organizations that are transforming industries and shaping society. Last year, Fast Company recognized more than 400 organizations with this prestigious honor, from the largest companies in the world to small startups with just a few employees. With innovation more important than ever this year, Fast Company is looking forward to recognizing the organizations that are moving the world forward.

For full application details, see the FAQ’s.

Every submission for the 2023 Most Innovative Companies will be individually evaluated by a team of Fast Company editors and reporters.

Final Deadline: September 23 ($995)


Brand Exposure

Be seen and evaluated by Fast Company editors and reporters


Speaking engagements at Fast Company events and exclusive invitations to influencer-only events


Gain the Fast Company stamp of approval for creating a truly breakthrough technology

Break News

Tell your organization’s story to the world for the first time; highlight the success of teams within your organization—or partners who’ve helped with your success


Appear in the March/April 2023 issue of Fast Company and on


Organizations may apply under 54 industry categories and must demonstrate how their innovations from the past year have impacted their business, their industry, and the broader culture. Companies and nonprofits of all sizes will be considered. For full application details, see the rules and FAQs.

Final Deadline: September 23 ($995)



The agencies, technologies, and ideas advancing the business of persuasion

Agriculture (New!)

The companies improving how we feed the world and creating less stress on the planet


Firms and commissions that are transforming the built world

Artificial Intelligence

Algorithmically powered products that are changing how humans interact with computers

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The firms creating the future of tech-powered immersive entertainment and experiences


The science and marketing of cosmetics


The therapies and new solutions using biological science to solve medical problems


Marketers redefining and elevating the identities of their companies or brands

Business Services (New!)

The secret engines of corporate innovation, including consulting, legal, and other fee-based firms

Consumer Electronics

The new gadgets improving people’s lives

Consumer Goods (New)

Pioneering products and brands that are transforming consumers' daily lives

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate initiatives that meaningfully make a positive contribution to a company’s community and stakeholders

Crypto/ Blockchain/ Web3/ Metaverse (New!)

The organizations building the future of the internet

Data Science

Companies building a competitive advantage through their unique cache of intelligence


The companies and firms reshaping business through industrial design, design thinking, and new user experiences


The restaurants and food service companies adapting to changing customer demands


New approaches to improving learning

Energy/Sustainability (New!)

Novel initiatives that address climate change


Organizations offering software as a service and other technologies that make other businesses more efficient and effective

Fashion and Apparel (New!)

The companies influencing the future of clothing and how we express ourselves through style

Film and Television

The companies developing breakthrough programming—and rethinking how content is marketed and released


The products, technologies, and firms facilitating how businesses manage their fiscal assets


Businesses that are developing the food products, distribution systems, and technologies that are transforming the way we eat


Cutting-edge play that entertains, enlightens, and fosters new communities

Healthcare (New!)

The systems, hospitals, and services delivering care, empowering patients, and lowering costs

Live Events

Bringing people together in real or virtual life to create indelible, shared moments


The businesses doing their part to ameliorate supply-chain challenges for their customers


The facilities reinventing their processes to promote flexibility, efficiency, and worker well-being


The businesses inventing or reinventing the future of news

Medical Devices

Hardware and gadgets that are changing how healthcare is delivered

Medicines and Therapeutics

Advances in treatments, vaccines, and drugs that help people live longer, healthier lives


The artists, labels, streamers, promoters, and anyone else making beautiful noise


Fashioning the future of philanthropy

Personal Finance

The services powering wealth-building opportunities for everyone

Rapid Response (New)

Innovative projects, products, or services created or deployed to react quickly to a major current event


Fresh approaches to selling goods and services


The companies finding creative ways of integrating robotics into our lives and our work


Keeping people and companies safe from the new digital warfare

Social Good

For-profit companies doing their part to make the world a better place

Social Media

Daring strategies and new platforms for meeting people where they live


The startups and stalwarts commercializing the final frontier


The teams, leagues, products, and off-the-field all-stars scoring in the business of play


Who’s driving new mobility solutions and clean alternatives to traditional conveyances

Travel and Hospitality (New!)

The businesses enabling new ways to explore the world and making people feel welcome wherever they are

Urban Development/Real Estate

The landscapes, properties, and thoughtful initiatives defining how we live today


The players designing new platforms and novel ways to consume media


The products and services redefining fitness and self-care


Companies that have adopted services, policies, and programs that fulfill their employees’ needs—and make them happier


Companies headquartered in the Asia-Pacific whose innovations embody the best ideals of the region and/or work to solve problems inherent to the area

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Companies headquartered in EMEA whose innovations embody the best ideals of the region and/or work to solve problems inherent to the area

Latin America

Companies headquartered in Latin America whose innovations embody the best ideals of the region and/or work to solve problems inherent to the area

North America

Companies headquartered in North America whose innovations embody the best ideals of the region and/or work to solve problems inherent to the area

Small and Mighty: Under 10 Employees

Organizations with less than 10 employees but big ideas that put them at the vanguard of the next generation of innovators

Small and Mighty: 10-100 Employees

Organizations who have between 10 and 100 employees with big ideas that put them at the vanguard of the next generation of innovators
Final Deadline: September 23 ($995)