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Founded in November 1997, Company of Friends was the very first business social network. It was created to allow Fast Company’s passionate readers to get to know each other. Through CoF, Fast Company has helped readers and forward-thinking business leaders and innovators connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other, both online and face to face, in communities around the world.

In late 2007, and the Company of Friends were upgraded to offer better integration of group membership with the overall site. All original CoF groups have been maintained, and can be located by searching groups. A host of new groups have also been created, including the site's core topic groups in Innovation, Technology, Leadership, Management, Careers, Design, Social Responsibility, and Work/Life.

To find members: search members

To find and join groups: search groups

With the upgraded site, members can:

Write blogs, respond to questions, start or join groups, ask for advice, and have their ideas seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

Create a profile and make connections with members of the business community.

Attend or organize live and online events about cutting edge business ideas.

Anyone can join and membership is absolutely free! There is no cost associated with becoming a member of

The team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the site. If you read this and your needs and questions have still not been addressed or answered, feel free to email us, at She'll do her best to help you.

Also read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to learn more about your responsibility while using this site and what happens with your registration and profile information.